Just in time for summer

Summer is almost here, time to get my writing back on track.

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been really focused on my marketing and fitness journeys and I got a little sick so it’s been a whirlwind of things.

To start off, I got certified to teach both Insanity and P90X live in gyms. I was doing my Beachbody workouts and I wanted to take it to the next step. My coach told me about the Insanity live certification and I was almost done with Insanity Max :30 when I decided to look up the class. It turns out it was 3 weeks from that weekend right near my job. So I took the plunge and I went.

I was really nervous as I was one of the only people who had never taught a fitness class nor had any certifications. I was with other personal trainers, group ex fitness instructors and even some gym owners. Our master trainer asked who was nervous and I raised my hand and made my confession.

At the end of the class, she made a few of us get up and teach a few blocks. Of course, I was the last one she called on to get up and teach. I was insanityso nervous and scared and was sweating and it was getting hard to breathe. But then, I put the microphone on and just took a deep breathe. I then just started teaching and I ended up killing it.

That next week, they were having the P90X certification. I was told by the master trainer that she would be mad if I didn’t come back, so I did. And just like that, in two weeks, I was certified in both P90X and Insanity.

Flash forward to today and I am now teaching 3 classes every week. 2 Insanity classes and I am also teaching cardio kickboxing. I love how things are going! This has been the greatest challenge I’ve taken on and I’m excited to be following another passion of mine, besides marketing.

Speaking of marketing, I was nominated and honored as one of New Jersey Ad Club’s Top Marketing and Communication Professionals 40 Under 40. This is a great award to be given and I was very accepted to have been nominated, yet along actually winning. My mom couldn’t have been prouder and clearly I had her as my date to the award show.

To get off the job thing for a bit, I moved in with my best friend in Belleville. It was time to get out of my house and start a new beginning. Since all of these other great things were happening, this was clearly the next step. We’ve been together now for about 3 months and it has been awesome. We are turning this place into the ultimate apartment experience and we also decided to go on a cruise for her birthday in July. From July 1-10, we are headed on my first cruise all over the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, etc. I’m so pumped!

I’ve also been really sick this last week. I wasn’t feeling good last week and I ended up going to the doctors on Mother’s day. I shouldn’t have gone to the minute clinic but I did because it was Sunday. They misdiagnosed me and that Tuesday, I ended up in the hospital. I ended up having strep throat and they found an abscess that had to removed immediately. I ended up getting the surgery done by the ENT doctor and he told me that I need to have a tonsillectomy as soon I heal from this one. The good thing about this is that as soon as it’s done, I will never have to have this pain again. I’m excited about that.

Last thing before I run, I bought this cool new t-shirt from this artist on Etsy. I’m going to do a review of it as soon as I get it. So stay tuned!



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