Finding equality in a world of unbalance

I haven’t blogged in a few months now because my life has been so hectic, it’s been hard to find time. I’m making time now to tell my story.

Four months ago, I started a new workout regimen. I wasn’t happy with the progress I was seeing at my gym and it was too expensive. There were too many people since they started offering new programs and it was a waste of time to go. Plus, there were too many people I knew and I could never get things done. Counterproductive.

The program I’m doing now is my own. I’m able to hybrid a few workouts together and work on different areas of my body that I think need work. It’s a never ending battle. I have my great days where I do two great workouts in a day, eat on point and dial in my nutrition to a “T.” There are some days where I fall off the wagon though but that’s okay. We’re human. This is a lifestyle choice, not a diet. Diet’s don’t work; trust me I’ve tried. I’ve tried every yo-yo diet and all I did was yo-yo. Once I went off of it, I gained all the weight back, plus more in some situations.

This time is different. It’s about making smarter choices and not beating yourself up when you make a bad choice. If you want a slice of pizza, eat the slice of pizza. Make sure you run an extra 20 minutes or do 100 more sit-ups to work it off. And don’t eat the entire pizza. Moderation is key. I find that when I am craving something, I eat it. I feel better. If it’s something really bad, I look for a healthy alternative that will still give me the satisfaction I’m craving. It works.

Work has changed as well. My supervisor left to have a baby and I am now in charge of my department. It’s a lot more strategizing and less doing it all myself. It’s something I have to get used to but I can say that I love it. I like that when I wake up in the morning, 5am to workout, I don’t hate my life. I like where my life has gone and I like the direction it’s heading in. I have set some pretty tough goals but I am working my tail off to make sure I achieve them. 31 year old me is going to look back at 30 year old me and thank me, unlike how 30 year old felt about my 20’s. I’m not afraid of the future because I am doing the hard work now so I can enjoy the rest of my life.

My side hustle is also working out for the best. I’ve been working with the furry 4-legged creatures and in the past few months have made enough money that I’ve literally just been paying bills off with it. I already have a full calendar for August and have to start turning people away because there’s only one of me. I would say that’s a pretty good job for only being in the business for 4 months.

With all this work and working out, I have still found time for fun. I went on vacation to EDC Las Vegas and it changed my life. It showed me that the people I need in my life are here, everyone else, can be phased out, as they aren’t important to my story. Remember those who don’t clap for you when you win. It’s pretty enlightening to see that some people I thought would be great friends, I don’t even think about now. Not once. If I see them, I give them a smile and maybe a hello but they don’t get any more time than that. My time is precious and they aren’t in my grand design. Bye Felicia.

I’m doing a focus test group come August 1st. It’s going to be 1 month of dialing in my nutrition hardcore, working out and recording everything I do. I’m nervous because it’s going to be a big step but I can do anything. I want people to see my results post test group and be inspired to do the same. I just want people to realize that making a better decision about your fitness just takes the will to do. I want to inspire and be someone that people can talk about how they can begin their fitness journey the right way. The way I did over 50 pounds ago. Let’s do this together. Life is better with friends. Let’s take our struggles and fight them together.


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