Living Life…

I haven’t written in this in so long. That’s all on me. I’ve been out living my life and just haven’t found the time to sit down and put a few minutes aside. Life has been really good to me lately and frankly, I don’t want it to stop.

I got promoted at my job to Digital Media Manager. I now run my entire department and as scared as I was to do it, I was ready for the challenge. Of course it means longer hours and more responsibility but right now I’m a point where that’s fine with me. I’m single and I’m able to save money and just make sure I’m getting everything I need to get paid down so I can live better for the future.

I’ve been doing the Beachbody challenge. I became a coach because of my college friend Melissa who thought I would be great at it. I was doing the 21 Day Fix. I went through it twice and now I’m starting to hybrid it with some other workouts to help keep my body guessing what’s next. I love Beachbody because besides for a being a way to stay in shape, it’s also a way to keep your mind in a good place because there is so much support and other people doing their own journeys but it’s closely related to yours. I can also do it out of my home so I’ve been getting up at like 5am to do it. I see my body getting stronger which is good because I don’t want another hernia; two were bad enough.

Softball has started again and we have a team at Kraus Marketing, which is a lot of fun. We have these awesome jerseys, thanks Megan, and we are having a good time as a company playing. Plus, we aren’t too bad which makes it even better. I’m also playing in a league with Taylor and T, like I played a few games last year with them. Tats & Bats is a ton of fun plus we are mostly a bunch of sarcastic asshats. My favorite kind of team. I’m also playing with one of my clients on a men’s league close to where I work.

Ray and Jess had their baby so #UncleCT is now a hashtag. I just need to get that trending on social media. She is the cutest, little Lorelei. Everyone wants to know when I’m having kids and I keep telling them I need to find someone dumb enough to put up with me first. Sorry Mom.

I’ve just been really busy lately and it doesn’t look like I’m slowing down anytime soon. It helps you to realize who your real friends are though. I’ve lost a few friends over the past few months but it’s because I realized all they were doing was holding me back. The only thing I want in life is for my friends and family to be successful and happy. I also want that for myself, clearly. Anyone who isn’t taking part of that can go. I rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies anyway. So either get on the train to success or get the hell out of the way.

Enough for now, I have to meet Jen for a 20 mile walk to burn off the booze from last night. Sorry for Partying…



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