Frugal February

Today was my first day back in the gym since I had my surgery. I haven’t been able to workout since the end of November and it’s been killing me. I was afraid of gaining all this weight especially with the winter approaching and I didn’t want to get fat. Luckily for me, I only gained 2 pounds. That was a relief.

Now that I’m back to normal and can resume every day activities, I’ve decided to do what I’m calling as “Frugal February.” During the month of February, I am going on a drinking hiatus. I feel that I’ve been drinking way too much and I care more about getting in shape than I do about partying every weekend. I am also going to allow myself only one lunch and one dinner at restaurants per week. This means making my own homemade food, saving myself money and calories. I also will be working out 4-5x per week in an effort to get healthy and in shape for summer.

I’m going to EDC Vegas in June and I’ve decided that if I can lose a pound of fat per week until Vegas, I will be in perfect shape for Vegas. I want to be healthy and look good especially for those pool parties going on.It’s going to be a fun week and I don’t want to look back and regret not being in better shape for it. It’s my goal for 2015.

I can do this. I’ve been eating better including more vegetables and fruits into my diet and I feel like it’s already paying off. I also have been making protein shakes in the morning including low fat milk and yogurt with fruits and some protein mix.

As for working out, I think I need to do more cardio to help lean myself out.For the weight lifting side, I’m gonna do lower weights with more reps to build some muscle but not get bulky. I think that will help me look good especially because I’m not a huge dude, so getting too big wouldn’t look good on me.

Today’s Super Bowl Sunday, if I can resist temptation today and get through the day without drinking, I think I’ll be okay throughout the month. I don’t really drink during the week because I work so much so that helps a lot. A DJ I like is spinning at the end of the month so if I can get through this month, maybe I’ll reward myself by going to the concert.

Let’s kick today’s ass.


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