Dirty Thirty Revelations

I turned 30 on Friday. It was a big revelation to me. To begin, I decided to welcome thirty with a bottle of moscato and it was amazing. I went out all weekend and all week with different groups of friends. I appreciate all the birthday love and it made start to realize something. I give people too many chances and I need to close my circle of close friends. I also need to start worrying about me and stop putting myself second.

I have a tendency to care about everyone and give everyone all these chances when they really don’t deserve them. I was able to tell from the surgery and my birthday who I could really count on. Those are the only people I’m going to invest time in. Sure, I have tons of people I associate with and that’s all I need to do; associate with them. Say hi when I see them, maybe talk to them on Facebook when a conversation comes up but it’s not someone I need to be concerned with everyday.

With thirty, I’ve also come to realize that I don’t need the drama anymore. People in West Milford make up and start useless drama because there is nothing else to do. Let’s go to the bar and drink every night isn’t something I want to have any part in anymore. I don’t want to live my life fighting with people and fighting to make a friendship work. If the friendship is worth it, it shouldn’t take as much work to make it flourish as it does with some people. Now, they go back to people I associate with.

I want people who will help lift me up and I can lift them up. I will continue to keep building relationships with people who are never satisfied. I want the career-minded, driven people to keep pushing me and me to push them to be the best we can be. I don’t want to be a manager forever. I want to be CMO or CCO one day. Maybe even have my own agency down the line at some point. I want to be in better shape than I am now. I want to live a healthier life, mentally and physically. I want a nicer place to live with nicer furniture. I want to drink better quality alcohol. I have the desire for better things and I vow not to stop until I get them. And for my friends that have the same mentality, I will push for you to do the same. I will help lift you when you need it.

This is a new year, a new decade for me and a new life. I’m not starting over, I’m just letting go. I’m letting go of the drama, the people who aren’t shaping me into a better man, who aren’t providing value to my life and overall letting go of what I don’t need. I need productivity in my life and the desire from people to be the best at what we do. Everything else is stagnate and I don’t want it. Bye Felicia.



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