Don’t Get Engaged On A Holiday

I am not the poster child for holidays. Let’s start with that. Yesterday was Christmas though and I saw at least 100 people got engaged. Now, I’m not the total anti-Christ, I am happy for you but why would you get engaged on a holiday? The holidays are supposed to be celebration enough, where you forget that you really dislike most people and you pretend to be a kind and gentle person for a few weeks. Everyone does it, except me, because I think holidays are a load of crap and I treat people the way they deserve to be treated, everyday of the year. I’m not religious by any means either so I guess that takes away a deep rooted part of “what the holidays are all about.” I digress. Seriously though, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t get engaged on a holiday.

To begin, it’s the holiday. You would never get engaged or married on your birthday right? Right. Because if something devastating were to happen, the person should die, you break up, you get divorced, etc. it would ruin your future birthdays. So the same rule applies. If you are to get engaged on a holiday like Valentine’s Day or Christmas and it doesn’t work out, you will always have that damper memory on the holiday. You don’t want that. No one likes a scrooge. Unless you’re me, because I’m hysterically funny and the most sarcastic person you’ll ever meet.

For most holidays, people travel to Aunt so and so’s or Grandma’s house or what not. The holidays are big travel times. After you get engaged, do you really want your first night of an engaged couple to be on the couch of Aunt Gertrude’s? Talk about romantic. After my engagement, should that day ever come, I wanna go home after a great dinner, some drinks and have lots of sex and cuddle and most of all, be left alone for us to do what we want. I don’t want to get engaged and know that we can’t fool around or enjoy our moment together because your mom and dad are sleeping upstairs or what not.

Holidays are a time of gathering. I’m gonna go out there and say it, crucify me if you must, but most people have best friends that they consider family. That means, they like them just as much, if not, more than some of their “blood” family. If not, your best friends would be your family. But, when you are hanging out at Aunt Gerdy’s house, surrounded by all of your future fiancé’s family, do you really want to ask in that large group setting? What if they aren’t ready for marriage? Just because you propose, doesn’t mean that they are going to say yes. How embarassing would it be if your partner said no? Maybe they want to move in together first or want to be more financially stable or just aren’t ready yet. You should take their feelings into consideration because you won’t want them to “have to” say yes because you just proposed in front of a hundred family members and Grandma Beatrice would be mighty upset if it didn’t happen.

Getting engaged is supposed to be your “special day.” It’s the day that your loved one proposed to you or that you proposed and now you two are sharing infinite bliss on this momentous day and yadda yadda yadda. How does it feel to know that a million other people are sharing the same moment? Kind of takes the spark out. If you were to go to a holiday party and you announce that you got engaged and there’s another couple or possibly two that have made the same announcement, yours really isn’t that special to everyone else. You should pick a day that means something to your relationship and not a day that means something to everyone. No offense, when it comes to your marriage versus the birth of the big J-man (Jesus), your announcement doesn’t really mean much. Like I said, not religious here, just stating facts.

Finally, getting engaged on the eve or the day of a holiday means that the ring is a gift. If you were to break up with your significant other for any reason, they do not have to give the ring back. Lets say the relationship ends badly, under no circumstances are they required to give back the ring. The ring can set you back a few grand. Not saying a ring isn’t a good investment but if it doesn’t work, now you’re out a ring and a fiancé. Two strikes for you, Glen Coco. Sucks to be you Glen Coco.

So when considering getting engaged, just remember these facts. You don’t want to potentially put a damper on future holidays that we know come along every year. Besides, there are so many other ways to do it that would mean much more. Plus, if you get engaged on another day, then you now have another date to celebrate with your fiancé. Who doesn’t love another reason to buy the person you love something?

If you did get engaged this holiday season, good luck.


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