The Rebuilding of C.T.

Christopher Thomas Kerney was brought into the world (without a Twitter update) on January 23rd, 1985 at 3:45 in the afternoon. Yes, for all you math nerds out there, my birthday is 0-1-2-3-3-4-5. How cute, right? I’ve gone through a lot in my time on this earth. The one thing I always realize I do is that I care too much and work too hard. I am a resilient person. No matter what knocks me down, I get back up and usually I’m even stronger than before.

I like who I am. Most people don’t say that. I love my greatest qualities and I love my worst qualities. My greatest quality is that I’m a pit bull. I protect anyone I care for. My worst quality is that I’m a pit bull because I will fly off the handle and rip someone’s face off for hurting a friend. I take the good with the bad. I laugh too hard and too loud but at least I’m laughing. I honestly do like the person that I am.

Every year, I tend to go through this rebuilding or rebranding phase of my life. Whether it was the transition from Chris to C.T. (due to my massive weight loss) or when I changed my hair color to add some spice to my life, I try new things. I like the idea of reinventing myself and doing what makes me happy.

I’ve been focusing on my life lately on the professional side and the personal side. I’m at a job that I absolutely love. I am working in my field and I am absolutely happy. I wish I made more money but come on, who doesn’t? If that’s my biggest complaint in life, I think I’m doing pretty well. I work with a great staff and my ideas are not only taken into consideration but most of the time are used. We have some great client success due to it. I really feel like I am being consulted as a professional and an expert. It’s a great feeling to know that people want your opinion on a smart business decision.

On the other side, I’ve been in the gym working out a lot smarter and a lot harder. I have friends who have been training with me to help me achieve my goals and right now I fee like there is nothing that can stop me. I’m not doing it for anyone but myself. I’m not gonna lie though it does feel good when someone you haven’t seen in a while comes up to you and says how great you look (Cough Morristown on Saturday Cough). I saw an old friend from college and she really made my night by telling me that.

On another front, I bought myself a car. Bethesda was falling apart. I loved her, I really did but the Jeep had to go. I went from an ’01 Jeep to a ’12 Mazda 3 and I love her now too. I haven’t named her yet but when inspiration strikes, I will have a great name for her.

Other than that, life is coming together. We have our first round of playoffs on Sunday. We finished 7-7, which is the best we’ve ever done so yay team. I love them, all of them. We do a lot more laughing than anything, which probably isn’t good featuring it’s a softball team but if you can’t laugh, you might as well be dead.

large <–Words to live by.


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