Singles Awareness Day

I’m having a bit of a dry spell lately. The last two people I was dating both ended pretty abruptly. Neither of which were my fault, I just really know how to pick ’em. I’ve been really stressed about this; like more than I should be but I can’t help it. 

Back when I was fat, I had a few people who told me “you would be much more attractive if you lost weight.” So 59lbs later and I am no longer fat and I actually look pretty good. Now, people keep telling me that I lost too much weight. Make up your minds people! Should I be skinny or fat? Either way, I like the way I look now and I am seeing a lot more attention for it. I don’t mind it; who would? I just keep meeting these people who keep making me hate dating.

These online sites don’t work. I’ve met nothing but creeps. I’ve been on all of them and I am at my breaking point with that. Between yesterday and today though, I’ve seen nothing but all these cute and happy couples all kissing and being so in love while I am sitting around going “Well at least I worked out today.” I don’t know if its the weather or what not but if I don’t meet someone soon, I may snap. I never cared about being single, I’m pretty used to it but I am just acting for a fling for a few months and to have some fun. Is that so hard? Someone to bring it all back. 

If I see one more couple kiss in front of me though, I may punch them in the face. That’s the kind of day I’m having. I need a drink…



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