Last Year Of My 20’s

Yesterday, I turned 29, for the first time. Next year will clearly be the anniversary of my 29th birthday. I loved my 20’s. Yes, there were a ton of terrible things that happened but the good outweighed the bad and it was the best decade of my life and I still have another year left.

So as a little fun, here are 29 things you may or may not have known about me:

1. I’m lefty at everything except throwing a ball. I throw a ball right-handed. Weird, I know.

2. When my mother was giving birth, I caused her to go into cardiac arrest and both of us nearly died. Sorry Mom! That’s why we are so close today, I think.

3. I needed one class to graduate from Penn State. It was a lower-level major class but it gave me the most trouble. I passed the class by one point. Talk about cutting it close and having to go to summer school.

4. I can hit a softball harder over third base then I can first base and I’m a lefty. Cool trick my parents taught me.

5. On my mom’s side, I am the oldest of all the grandchildren. Talk about pressure.

6. That being said, my closest cousin in age, Ray and I are nine days apart. Sorry cuz, I won.

7. I was nominated for Homecoming King…twice. Both times were in college. I didn’t go for it either time.

8. I was also arrested twice, in two different states. I seem to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

9. During a fraternity formal, while I was still sober, I fell down our concrete steps and broke both my phone and my camera at the same time and wasn’t able to have one picture from that formal.

10. Depending on what point in my life you knew me, you may not know that my real name is Christopher. You may know me as any of the following: Furder, Xtoph, Blair, or C.T.

11. I once got kicked out of a Taco Bell at noon on a Wednesday because I had drank an entire bottle of 99 Bananas and proceeded to venture out.

12. Over the last quarter of a century, I’ve had 6 dogs, 2 rabbits and a ton of fish. I’m a mini Dr. Doolittle.

13. I met John Stamos on a place once. He told me I was pretty. My hair is insured for $20,000 and I do car commercials in Japan.

14. None of 13 is true. It’s from one of my top three movies that I love of all time. The other two in the top three would be Cruel Intentions and Zoolander.

15. The only bone(s) in my body that I have ever broken were my last three toes on my right foot while I was a the Land of Make Believe.

16. Since college, I’ve lost a small child weight wise. I lost over 50lbs cuz I was a fatty.

17. I was supposed to have braces for 9 nine years. From third grade to h.s. graduation. I took such good care of my teeth that I had them removed in 9 months.

18. Before the bicycle helmet rule was in effect in NJ, my bike slid out from under me and I went head first over my handle-bars and cracked my head open. When I’m really dehydrated you can see the bump it left.

19. I’ve had plastic surgery a few times. You would never be able to guess where nor would I ever tell you. Just know, they were all needed surgeries. I’m not a housewife.

20. From birth to 25, I only needed one surgery. In the past four years, I’ve needed three. My body is giving up on me.

21. I’ve only seriously dated one person in my entire life and it didn’t end on the best terms.

22. When I was younger, I was so allergic to poison ivy that if I saw it on tv, I would catch it. Okay, not really but it was bad. My first day of high school, I had it up and down my left arm and wasn’t able to type or write for the first two weeks of school.

23. My birthday is a pattern: 0-1-2-3.

24. I’ve never been to a tropical island like the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands but I’ve been to almost every tourist state in the country.

25. I interned for Anheuser-Busch in college and got paid to go to the bar, make friends with strangers, find out why they drink the beer they do and buy them Anheuser-Busch products on my tab. Best internship ever.

26. I hit my best friend’s brother with my car when I was 17. It wasn’t bad and we all laughed.

27. My best friend’s parents have a stocking for me at their house because there hasn’t been a Christmas in like 10 years where we haven’t seen each other, even if it’s a brief time together.

28. In Vegas, I found a wallet, took nothing out of it, gave it back to the guy then an hour or so later won 100 bucks on video poker in one spin. It was karma.

29. My ex, best friend and I, are the only people who know where the “magical rollercoaster,” honeycomb and where Davy Jones’ face is in Atlantic City because we lived through it. *Hint– Don’t bother, you will never figure out what the hell I’m talking about.


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