I Hate This Time of Year

I’m not the biggest person on family. Mine is crazy, on both sides, and a lot to handle a lot of the time. I’m a very simple person when it comes to holidays. Let me go there, say hi, eat dinner and leave. I don’t need anything more than that. In fact, I can’t really stand anything more than that. I get annoyed way too easily when I get “20 questions” about my life and most of the time, I just say what they wanna hear and move on without really telling them anything I would tell my friends. Things like who I’m dating, what I’m really doing with my life, future plans, etc. 

That all being said, I still believe that families are meant to spend holidays together. That’s why they are so few and far between. You can get your fill and then not have to see them for another month or so. One thing I really disagree with is the idea that stores will be opening on Thanksgiving so that people can get their Black Friday shopping. Was one day not enough? You really need to start bothering people on their day off where they should be annoyed by their families to go work and deal with the ungrateful jerks that go Black Friday shopping? If you go shopping on Turkey Day for the specials, I said it, you’re a jerk. I hope that tv that you buy for $100 less then if you bought it on Saturday breaks the day after the warranty runs out. You are rude and it’s unfair to people who want to spend it with their family. I have one friend who gets to spend about two hours with her family because she has to leave to go to work at 10pm. Inconsiderate is what people who support this are. Also, a big shame on you to the stores that do it. Here’s a thought: instead of “Black Friday,” just make it “Black Week.” Start all your stupid sales on Monday and have it go through the entire week except Thanksgiving. Be thankful for what you have on that day and keep the stores closed. 

On another note, enough with “being respectful during the holidays” stuff too. Someone once got upset with me because I told them to have a “Merry Christmas” and they were Jewish. Really? You are SO offended by that? Be glad I said anything nice to you and didn’t tell you to “Go scratch” instead. Would you have preferred that? If you say Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa to me, I’ll accept it and I will “same to you.” Because, unlike most the country, I’m not easily offended and someone saying something nice is better then being rude. People get uppity for such dumb reasons and that is why I hate this time of year. I’m the same person in December as I am in March. I see no special reason to pretend to be nice to people. So if you want to say anything nice to me during the holiday, know that I will gladly accept it because I’m not uppity and don’t get bent out of shape for dumb reasons. 

hanukkah-kwanzaa-happy-holidays-christmas-season-ecards-someecards Seriously. I can’t.

If you hear what I’m saying know this: I wear a size medium, I love gift cards and EDM music. I’ll buy you something really nice for Christmas also :).


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