The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Finally. I feel like I am stepping out of the darkness and into the light. For everyone that knows, I have really been struggling trying to find a better paying job so that I would not have to slave over working two jobs and about 70 hours a week of working. I don’t mind the work, I don’t. I just wanted something different. If I am going to have to work so much, when I don’t have to work, I should be able to enjoy life. I wasn’t. Things have finally turned around and I am proud to say that not only have I received and accepted a job offer, but I’ve actually accepted two; one full-time and another part-time one.

Last Friday, I went to Radio City Music Hall for an interview. I was being interviewed for a part-time bartender position at Madison Square Garden, easily one of the biggest names in the country. Well to my surprise, after a phone interview and two rounds of speaking with interviewers, I was offered a job at the Madison Club inside of MSG. The Madison Club is on the 7th floor of MSG and is the VIP Club that they make available to people with season ticket box seats. It is an exclusive club and the idea that I had both food serving, bartender and a background in luxury retail landed me the job of a bartender inside the club. I start job training this upcoming Thursday and Friday. I will be there during the Kincks and Ranger games, concerts and of course March Madness. Here are some pics from the Madison Club that I got from the New York Rangers blog:


The first picture is inside of the club during a game. The second one is the view from the Madison Club out on the ice before a New York Rangers game. I feel very honored to have landed a job there and can’t wait to see what great things come of it!

As for during the day, I have accepted the job of an advertising & social media specialist for a healthcare/hospital company. The company is called Diagnostic Works and they are part of Atlantic Imaging Network. They work with different professionals in the healthcare and hospital feed to help people with little to no insurance receive the care they need at a lower cost by using their network of doctors. It helps with mammogram screening and other screenings that are needed for health reasons. When I spoke with the guys that I will now be calling my bosses, they were really passionate about this and really want this to take off. That is why they hired me. I will be in charge of all of the advertising, public relations and social media content that the company will use. This includes mailings, e-mail blasts, traditional media outlets, advertising venues and more. I am really excited about this as I am again going to be able to specialize and eventually run the publicity department.

I feel very excited to start these two new journeys and see where they take me. I feel like I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel.



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