Sunny September

So I haven’t written in this in forever. Reason being is that I lost my day job and had to give back the company lap top. I did though, buy myself an Ipad so I can stay in touch with everyone. I just need to get myself a wireless keyboard to work with it. I type quickly enough that using the keyboard is a lot easier then just typing on the screen.

I have been looking for jobs like crazy. I have been on a few job interviews but so far, nothing seems to be working out. It’s really frustrating especially when you go on second and final round interviews and they always take the other person over you. It’s like, out of all the people we didn’t hire, you were our favorite choice. Thanks. That and five dollars will get me a cup of coffee. I am just starting to feel the effects of being stressed out so excuse this post if it has a lot of sarcastic banter in it.

I have been able to bar tend at Joe’s more which is nice but it’s not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, clearly. I’ve also been able to play more softball lately. I hit my second homerun in my Sunday league this weekend. I don’t ever hit homeruns, I’m more of a line drive hitter. But I will take it.

The one unmotivating thing about not working 9-5 is that I never want to go to the gym. I keep saying I’ll go later and I never end up going. Such a lazy bum. I live such a hectic schedule that without the typical 9-5 grind, I can’t plan to go to the gym. I need someone to come with me and make me work. Oh well, I will get another job soon, I’m sure of it and I can get back on the grind. Maybe with this new job, I’ll only have to work one. That would be wonderful.


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