Down But Never Out

If you were to ask me how to explain the last year and a half of my life, I would tell you it is straight out of a season of “Days Of Our Lives” or some other daytime soap opera. I have been through so many terrible things the last year and a half, I feel like the dark cloud has to be done with me by now. Or on the other hand, if this is the worst that life can throw at me, well then I’m going to win.

To recap the last year and a half, I’ve had:

-2 family members pass away.

-2 cars stolen.

-my first major accident totaling my car.

-2 surgeries: wisdom teeth and emergency appendectomy on my appendix (two days ago).

-mom and dog hospitalized the same week.

That’s pretty bad. It may not sound awful but it takes a toll on you after a while. I’m not out though. Through all of this advisory, I’ve managed to lose 40+ pounds get myself into the best shape of my life. I’m very proud of that. I worked so hard to get my body to a point where I am happy with it. I’ve also had two jobs working the last year and half to get myself on track with what I need to do for me. I am strong and I can’t believe that this dark cloud is still here but I feel like something has got to give and I’m sure it will.

I am looking to move. I think that maybe being in New Jersey for so long is holding me back. I think that maybe I have become too comfortable being here and that I am settling. Well, I don’t settle. I do what is best for me and if that means packing up my stuff and moving across the country, then so be it. In reality, I don’t have anything holding me down here. I’m not married, no kids, no relationship so if I get the opportunity to go, I think I am going to take it. I won’t leave until I get an offer for a better job somewhere but it’s something that would really put my life into perspective.

I’m a little down, I’m not going to lie but I’m not down enough that I won’t get back up. I’m too strong of a person for that and I need to succeed. I’m too invested in my own life not to be. I’m working hard to make some changes and I am just waiting for the payoff to come through and make my next post hopefully a happier one than this one was.

humber-bridge-sunrise-toronto-5003010775 This picture is of the Humber Bridge in Toronto. I love it a lot because it makes me think that no matter what, there will be another sunrise and everything will be alright.


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