Summer of Me.

When it came to my weight, I always said “by this summer I want to be in shape.” This has been a common expression for about eight years now. Then, summer ends and I tell myself that by next summer, I will have done it. You can see where the pattern is going.

Now, I am not saying that I am exactly where I want to be because I’m not. I do feel great though. I ran a 5k today in 27 minutes. That’s a new record for me. The funny part is that I stopped to walk twice during that time. If I would have just huffed it out, I probably would have done it even quicker. I am proud of that. Little things in life that start making a difference. I am getting there. I see in pictures, even from a few weeks ago, a difference and I just look healthier. Compared to what I used to look like, I feel like a whole new person and don’t even recognize the old me anymore. I’m okay with that though. It’s not just a body transformation; it’s a mind one as well. I like the new me and I like where I am headed.

I’ve decided that since this is the summer of me, I am going to do what I want and not worry about. I am going to Atlantic City this weekend for the 4th of July celebrations. I am going to the Revel pool party and I am going to have fun. I ended up dying my hair to a light brown/dark blonde so it looks like a mix between my regular color and the bleach blonde I had. I think that it is a little darker than what I wanted but I’ll take it for now. I am going to dye it again after I get it cut and see what happens. It’s something I’ve never done before and it’s nice to change it up.


As for softball, my team didn’t win the championship. We ended up winning the first round of playoffs but we lost in the semi-finals. It was a good time though and I am excited for summer session to start in a few weeks. I also feel much better about it too because since I’ve been lifting at the gym and working out, I am hitting the ball much harder and moving a little bit quicker than I was before. I wasn’t slow by any means but now I’m even faster and I love being the quick one on the team. I also feel bad when I don’t work out. I feel like it’s become part of my everyday routine. Like I said before, a whole new me and I love who I’m becoming.


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