Change: Not to be Feared but Embraced

I dislike a lot of things. It’s in my nature. I’m from New Jersey; sue me. One thing I can’t stand though are people who say they “hate change.” I don’t mean change as in like pennies and nickles but life-changing things. Whether you like it or not, it’s bound to happen. My best advice is to embrace it and just live it out to the fullest. 

I’m 167 pounds. That’s a big change for me. When I started dieting again, I was 203 as opposed to when I graduated college at 225. I’ve lost a small child. I’m not doing it to be “skinny” or “hot,” well maybe to be hot. My main reason for doing is that I want to be healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin. I do it because I felt that this what I needed to recharge my life and get it going again. The only person that can really make you feel bad about you, is you. Take the good with the bad and keep driving. I think that losing this weight was the best thing I could have ever done. But now the hard part comes in; keeping it off. Yes, that means changing my habits and keeping them smarter. It doesn’t mean “dieting,” because frankly, diets don’t work. You gain the weight back. You can’t go out and run a marathon your first day in the gym. Small changes lead to big success. I’m living proof of that. 



I’m not sure where you grew up but where I grew up, you weren’t handed anything you didn’t ask for. You want a raise, talk to your boss. You want a better life, go for it. Apply for the job, promotion or internship. Yes, it’s hard work. It’s a lot of hours organizing your resume, fixing up your portfolio, ironing your suit, going over your strengths and weaknesses and taking the time to put yourself out there. You aren’t going to nail all the interviews you go on. You don’t need too. You only need to nail one. Know yourself and know that you are worth it. With it comes change; embrace it. Go crazy when you land the new job and buy yourself something that you wanted. You’ve earned it. 

I’ll admit it though, there are times when change, well, sucks. To be honest, there are those bad changes that happen. Someone passes away, you lose your job, you don’t get the promotion, etc. It will happen, it always does. And it never happens at the “right time.” There never really is a right time for things like that but they seem to creep up on you when you are already having problems. The best advice I have is the same as before; embrace it. You can’t fear it. Push forward and remember that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Rely on your friends and family and ask for help when you need it. A wise person knows when they need help. 



One thought on “Change: Not to be Feared but Embraced

  1. Great post Chris! You’re right – change in inevitable and we can resist it as much as possible (and suffer as a consequence), or go with it and see which exciting places it may lead us to 🙂 Fab progress pics, good luck with the maintenance but it sounds like you’ve got your head on right!

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