Becoming A Professional

I need to make more time to write in this blog. I have been so busy lately between working at and Joe’s Crab Shack and also playing softball, that I find myself have no time for sleep let along blogging. On the bright side though, I am in love with my life as of now and I am trying to make smarter decisions each and every day.

I had a meeting today with a woman from the career center at Ramapo College. She was very excited to talk about the different diversity projects that the school had going on. Likewise, I was able to talk to her about the great diversity projects that we had going on as well. I also told her that we hired one of the interns from the school full-time after he graduates. She was ecstatic to hear that. She then invited me to come to the school a few times next semester to talk about a few different things. She wanted me to talk to the students who were there about the importance of having an internship. She also invited me to come to talk at a roundtable about the importance of having an internship program in place for companies and how to run it successfully. I realized while I was talking to her that I am becoming a professional because my internship is running “successfully.” We went from having zero interns to three to five to having eight this summer. I also developed this internship program from having one set (PR/Marketing) to having three, (PR/Mktg, Sales and Client Services). It’s a good feeling to be recognized for the accomplishments I have done and that I am actually becoming a professional.

Also this week, I reconnected with an old instructor of mine from Penn State via LinkedIn. She wrote to me and asked to recommend her and the work she had done while I was studying under her. Without hesitation, I did. She also then returned the favor and sent me a message talking about how far I’ve come since college and she was happy to see that I was doing well and really making a name for myself. I just think it’s funny because I still feel like I’m good old Chris when in reality, I’m starting to set a path for myself on becoming a career-driven man. It’s funny how one year and originally, a part-time job can change make that happen.

We also are launching a new division for our company based on diversity in higher education. I got to write some copy for it and it really shows that I do love my job. I love the idea of starting fresh with a whole new social media strategies and writing copy for the site that is going to be on the site. It’s very fulfilling to see a strategy come full circle and see a finished project from what was just an idea at one point. I feel like good things will be happening soon for me as I am starting to get recognized for the work I am doing. I had a diversity company comment on “such a well written piece” I did for women’s history month.

I guess now is the time that I can actually say that I am happy with my professional life accomplishments thus far and now it’s time to start working on my relationship life. I don’t need a relationship right now, as I am working hard to my career more successful but I’m also not not looking, if that make sense. If it’s meant to me, it will be. If not, summer is coming and we all know I look a little better with a tan and a cold drink in my hand on the beach with some hot shades on.



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