I Don’t Understand the Human Race

I don’t understand what is wrong with people today? I heard on the radio that Rhianna may be engaged to Chris Brown? Seriously? He beat you and nearly threw you out of a car and you may marry the guy? I know people say ‘love is blind,’ but in her case, love must be ‘numb’ as well. How are you going to explain to your future children that Daddy beat up Mommy and she went running back to him? There are some things that end a relationship: getting beat up is probably number one.

Beyonce…why is she still relevant? She’s another one that I am having problems dealing with lately. She got busted lip-syncing for the President and her half-time show was crap. She hasn’t done anything worth while nor is her music that good. The best thing to ever come out of her old group, Destiny’s Child, was Kelly Rowland. That girl can sing at least. Also, when she was having her baby, which she named Blu Ivy, she stopped other parents from seeing their children because she needed her privacy? No one cares about you or your child that sounds like a marijuana strand. Go away. Now. What is wrong with Jay-Z to date her, let along marry and make a baby with her?

As celebrities aka people with power, you are supposed to be shaping the minds of today’s youth and teaching them values and to respect themselves. Clearly, neither of you are doing that. No wonder why children are walking around today using phrases like “You’s a hoe.” Number one, you’re five, stop talking like that. Number two, you don’t even realize how uneducated you sound by saying that. If you are going to call someone a hoe, not that I’m saying that’s okay either, at least use proper grammar. You don’t realize how uneducated and downright idiotic you sound.

Maybe it’s just me and this is a sign that I’m getting older but at least when I was younger, if you deserved a good smack, you got one. Now-a-days, you grab your kids arm fat and Dyfs gets called. I got hit once maybe twice in my life and let me tell you something: I deserved it. I was mouthing off to my parents or doing embarrassing them and I got what was coming to me. Maybe we need to go back to that way of life and not letting our ten years old have cell phones using phrases like “You’s a hoe.”

Take responsibility for yourself as role models and parents and teach your kid values and morals. That way your children don’t end up on some reality show getting drunk every night and having sex with anything that walks.


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