It’s All Blue Skies From Here.

I woke up this morning and something was different. It wasn’t the weather, it wasn’t any different from what I would normally be doing on a Tuesday, it was different though. I got out of the shower and it hit me. I was what was different today.

As you have previously read, I have been working hard for the last year at my job with I also worked as a server at Joe’s Crab Shack to make extra spending money. I also was on a mission to lose weight and get into shape.

Well, it’s finally all come together. I have been made full-time at my job and I am running our public relations/social media department. I also run the intern program here and it has been expanded to not only marketing/pr but also sales, blogging and customer service. I am working really hard to make the departments more of a success and to eventually become a social media community manager for a well-known branded company.

I have been promoted at Joe’s to a bartender. This has been one of my goals in life for a while. I have been serving for about eight months now and as much as I love it, I am ready for a new challenge. Bar tending will give me the opportunity to fulfill this goal as well. I have a really good personality and I think that I can do well working on the bar side of things. I know that it will be hard work but I am ready for that next step.

Finally, my weight is starting to flatten out. I am no longer looking like the an overweight monster. I have been in the gym, lifting, doing cardio and just trying to tone up. I’m starting to really see the results and it makes me just want to work harder.

2013 is really taking me to a level that even I thought, I couldn’t get too. I heard “no” for so long now that there comes a time where you actually start to believe it. Well, I have had enough with that and I’m leaving the past in my rear view mirror. I’m trying to not sweat the small stuff and just taking some things into account. I have a really good support system with me and if someone doesn’t want to be a part of my life, well there’s the door. I’m working on being a better “me” this year. Not for anyone else but myself. It’s all blue skies from here.



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