Turkey Day Eve

It’s been too long since I wrote this. So much has happened!

First off, my Saturday softball team won the Championships this past week! We went from worst to first. In the semi-finals, I hit a two run home run to right field. Then, in the championships, I hit a bases clearing triple opposite field past the left fielder. It was a great day. I also had two good catches in the outfield.

My job is going well. I am doing a nationwide campus campaign to help student-veterans connect with employers to find jobs. I have been talking with some really great schools and getting our company out there. I also have been working on building the internship program that I started in the summer. We are looking for about eight interns; five in-house and three remote. So if anyone is looking, please send me your resume. I also have made some good internship contacts with the local schools around here. We are looking at all the schools in the North Jersey area.

One of my dreams is to be on the cover of PRWeek by the time I’m thirty. I am really trying hard at the job I am at to make this a reality. I know that I’m not making the greatest money right now but the position is really great and I have been learning so much that it is incredible. I have been there almost a year already which is nuts as well. I’m thinking that the work I have been doing will eventually get noticed by PRWeek as long as I keep pitching towards them and working my tail off to be a success. No one said success was going to be easy but I am determined and I won’t stop til it becomes a reality.

I’ve also decided to start this new program on Twitter called C.B.J. for short. It stands for Chris’ Bi-weekly Jam where bi-weekly I am going to promote a song and the music video that I am obsessed with and can’t stop listening to. This week is Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch called “Sweet Nothing.” It’s got such a great beat and I love all vocal house where you can sing while the song is jamming out. I’m such a Jersey boy.

Enough for now, I am headed to dinner with some friends/family and then going out for Turkey Day Eve. Everyone who is going out tonight please be careful and think smart!


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