Future Plans

So I dream of being my own boss. I want to travel and do public relations/event planning for my own, sophisticated, company. I think today, that will start to become a reality. No, I’m not quitting my job to work on my blog or anything crazy like that. I am though, doing freelance work for friends and family lately. I am starting to get a lot of hits on it and have people who want me to help them grow their businesses using social media/pr. I am more then happy to do so since 1. I’m good at it and 2. I need the money! I really think that if I start now, in a few years, I can really open up my own business and become my own boss. I have a name picked out already, which has a few meanings too it. I will wait though to unveil the name until I am registered and have everything setup!

I made business cards for my friend Martha today. I designed a logo for her company and I think that with the right p.r. aka me, she will be able to launch her cleaning business successfully and make some money out of the deal! Making money is clearly what we all want when we have a business.

On another note, I started a new page for my professional resources. The site is chriskpr.wordpress.com. It pretty much just has some writing that I have done for different companies so that future employers can see what I’m about and how I write, in a professional manner. I think it’s a good additon to my portfolio because employers can start seeing my writing skills before I even meet them and it allows them the freedom to ask me questions about my past work.

I’m really excited to see where 2013 is going to lead. I have a bunch of friends who are also very big on starting their own businesses and making a name of themselves. I think that next year might be the year where we can get ourselves onto our new lives and working hard to do what we do. I think that I brand myself in a positive light and really look forward to working with more of my friends and family to help them achieve their dreams while I am doing the same!



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