Old Enough to Know Better; Young Enough Not to Care

I went to Maine this weekend with my cousin Sara and my Aunt Dee. We went up there because my other cousin, Mikey aka Carlton, was graduating from high school. Mikey is heading into the Army so it was nice to be able to see him in case I don’t get the chance too before he leaves. It’s funny because if you ask me what my favorite memory with Mikey is, it would be the fact that when he was younger, my friend and I wrapped him in a laundry basket with a blanket and stuck him under the Christmas tree with a note starting off “Dear Finders, I am the baby Jesus…”. Needless to say, he slept there all night until my Dad and Aunt came home and found him under there. I was never asked to watch him again after that. Probably a good idea on their part. Goes to show that I was still a creative genius back then and nothing has changed.

On the positive side, I weighed myself again on Friday. Down -31 pounds. I have about 12 more to go til I am at my goal weight of 160. I am really excited about that because I am working hard to each much better and try to live a healthier lifestyle. Doing a lot more walking and exercising when I can to help fight the fat. I am tired of looking at pictures of myself and not being happy with what I look like. I have a goal set in my mind and so far, I am on my way to achieving it. I just need to believe that I can do it and I will one day get there. Hopefully sooner than later, but I will get there knowing that I can because I believe in me.

This weekend got me thinking me. I am at that age where sometimes I know what the right thing to do is and what isn’t. Usually, it’s go home after a long night with my friends because I know I have work the next morning. I am not really a morning person when I haven’t slept much. I’m more of a grouch and don’t want to be bothered all day. I had a knack of just getting up and going to sleep when I was in high school/college when I was ready. There could still be people sitting on my couch watching tv and I would just up and go. Such a graceful host I am. No wonder why everyone really likes me. I guess it may be the summer though because I stil want to have my fun. I want to go out and party til all hours of the morning and make memories I’ll never remember with friends I’ll never forget. I guess that is the wild side in me just wanting to escape and be free. I yearn for the days I can be an active social butterfuly in NYC or some other major city networking and being so in love with my life. Just me and the open road ahead onto new adventures.

I think that I am working up to that part of life. I am putting in my time now so that in the future I can make those kinds of fantasies actual realities and when I look back on my life, I won’t be mad at the decisions I’ve made. I’ll be glad that I took the chances I did and that I did the fun things that really matter most in life. Money only goes so far. It doesn’t buy happiness and it doesn’t make you any better of a person. I think that’s why I love taking pictures. So that I have something to look back on and to hold on. To know that I am a party boy at heart and I love the nightlife and myself. Maybe a little too much sometimes, but hey, I need to treat myself once in a while.So the angel on my right side is old enough to know better, but the devil on my left, is young enough not to care…


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