Maybe Becoming A Writer?

Before I get into anything about me lately, I would like to offer a blessing and much love to my friend Nicole. Her little monkey is having surgery right now and she is the cutest thing in the world. Little MaKayla is the greatest gift her mother has ever received and I know Nicole since we were children. So just sending a lot of love her way and to let her know that the monkey will be fine and she will be better off afterwards. Love you sis.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a job as a branding/public relations director for a great company called We help people of all diversity find jobs. We have sites for military veterans, Hispanic, Black, Asian, physically handicapped, etc. It’s really a great site and I am working hard to really make a difference in this company. I really stand behind what they do and I love it. I think that I have finally found a career and not just a job. It’s been very hard with the economy to do this so I am really glad that I found this company. Besides, the people I work with are awesome as well! That doesn’t hurt when you see them more then you see your own family. We make jokes and we all pick on each other. It’s a good atmosphere to be in. I have been in bad office settings and that is not fun. 

I do a lot of content writing and branding for the site as well. I am always coming up with catchy slogans and writing copy for our sites. This got me thinking, and no I didn’t hurt myself, that maybe I should be a writer. I write in this blog, another blog and at my job. I have always been told that I have an exceptional knack for getting my points across on paper and when I speak. Since I do need another job, I am thinking that maybe becoming an online blogger/writer would be the best thing for me. If I am already doing what the companies want of me, why not get paid to do it? I can work remotely and write articles for different groups. This would make my writing style even better and could really help me in the money department. We all could use some extra cash in this economy.

I applied for a few jobs this morning that were looking for bloggers. I think that the idea that I could work from home and work on my own schedule, around Workplace, would be great. I would be able to do this when I’m up late at night or early in the morning. I would have the comfort of my own home and even when I went away for a weekend, I could still blog. This would mean investing in a new laptop, which I need anyways. 

I have a lot of friends online so I know that my posts would be read by many and who knows where that could lead too. I am always looking towards the future because I need to get myself financially set and start worrying about things like my 401k, retirement and so on. I also need to work on being a twenty seven year old and still having fun. I live an hour from the shore, I need to go more often this summer and just enjoy myself. If I can enjoy myself on the beach while working, I would think that the only other thing I would need is a drink in my hand and I would be set.


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