Money Can’t Buy You Class

If there is one thing money can’t buy you, it’s class. New year and I am back! I know it’s been a while but I’ve had to take on a lot lately. First of all, I got a job! Hooray. Nothing fancy. I am doing some serving and some public relations for the Melting Pot in Whippany. So if you come by, request me and let’s chat! It’s a good job and the people there are really nice. I really feel like I got in with a good company. It may not be exactly what I want to do but right now its paying the bills and I’m thankful to enjoy my job!

On a sadder note, my Aunt Doreen did pass away. She was amazing and I will miss her dearly. I had to give the eulogy at her funeral. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write, let along speak. When I was done though, I had managed to make everyone cry. I received a lot of praise and I was happy to do it. She was a great woman and I know she is up there with my grandpa and they are coloring, playing Uno and drinking some beers. At least she isn’t suffering anymore.  

I also heard Beyonce had her baby and named it Blue Ivy Carter. I don’t know what’s up with celebrities and their stupid baby names but this was tops the chart. Did they think that when she is old enough to get a job that people may not take her seriously because of her name? If I looked on a resume and saw that, I would tell the person they have stupid parents. Just like naming your kid Richard if your last name is Head or Brock with the middle name Lee and/or Brook with the middle name Lynn. Let’s be honest here, no one takes that seriously and your kid will be made fun of for the rest of his or her life. Just saying.

If this whole hospital incident is true as well about Beyonce and Jay-Z, then I will have lost any respect for them. There wasn’t that much to begin with but it will be completely gone. For those of you who don’t know, apparently they paid the hospital 1.3 million dollars to block off the wing and have their own security there so they could have their baby. In the process though, other parents whose children were on the floor were not allowed to see them and apparently they were treated in a rude manner by the security and other people. If that were my kid, there would be no army that could stop me from seeing them. I’m sorry that’s inconsiderate and pretty much your telling me my kid isn’t as good as yours? At least mine will have a suitable name to live their life with and will learn what values and respect are. I am also annoyed at the hospital for accepting 1.3 million. That’s it? That can’t even run a hospital for a year. They are celebrities. If they donated 25 million, where some could go to research and help look for cures for pediatric diseases, then maybe it would be a different story. BUT you also have to accommodate the other parents and children who are on that floor. They have every right to be there along with Beyonce. They have more than enough money that they could have hired people to help her have the baby at her house if they were so “worried” and needed all the space and security. They just wanted to wave their money in everyone elses faces. Like I said, money can’t buy you class. And in this case, Beyonce and Jay-Z, you put the “ass” in class.


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