Coloring Books & Crayons

Negative 3. Seriously? Week two, the “dreaded” week two of workout/diet week and I lose another 3 pounds? I am the happiest kid right now. And the fact that I am able to do this during the holiday season is making me even more thankful.

The weather needs to start getting colder or else I am a non-believer that Christmas is actually coming. It’s been like 55-60 since Thanksgiving. Very strange weather we are having. I guess that is global warming at it’s finest.

I’m excited because I am going out for the first time tonight in a long time. I have been so focused on getting in shape and looking for a job that I forgot what it was like to have a social life. So for tonight, I am putting everything behind me and going to Hoboken with some of my softball team. It is going to get rowdy tonight, I can just feel it.

I wish the job hunt was going as well as the weight loss but I guess I need to fight one battle at a time. Accept small victories and move on. I am at least getting hits on my resume so I know the right job will come along soon. I am thankful for that. There is a job waiting for me, I just need to find it.

On a more emotional note, keep my Aunt Doreen in your prayers. She is in the hospital and isn’t doing well. She is an amazing woman who has overcome so much. She has a mental disability but she has never let that stop her. I am actually kind of jealous of how strong of a person and fighter she really is. She is someone I look up to dearly and I wish her nothing but the best in this fight. I keep thinking about the good times I had with her. When I was a little kid, I would color with her. She loved to color. Coloring books and crayons made her the happiest. She would always sit outside my Grandma’s house on the front porch and color, for hours. She was always so excited to show you what she got for Christmas. I always bought her coloring books and to see the look on her face when she saw them was just priceless. She loved the company you gave her.  Anyone who would sit outside and color with her would be lucky to spend the time with her that I was able too.

She got to do more in her life then most people I know. Since I can remember, she was always going on field trips and going to activities with her friends. She was part of so many groups and clubs, that she never have down time it seemed. She went Camp Hope a lot, which was in the same town I grew up in. She would always tell me about her fun adventures whether it was bowling, coloring, or just going out with her friends. She’s one amazing human being and I love her with all my heart.


2 thoughts on “Coloring Books & Crayons

  1. I'm guessing my dad wrote this and didn't realize he had to sign up for Google. Clearly, I don't call myself son nor do I refer to myself in the third person. Just saying. But thanks Dad.

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