A Negative Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

Negative 4.

That’s what I saw today when I got on the scale. I lost four pounds in one week. That is unheard of. What does this mean? Maybe I finally have a grip on this whole losing weight thing. Or maybe, something just clicked this week and allowed me to mentally and physically earn those four pounds. I’m doing it the right way this time and so hopefully, I can keep this weight off. I am making sure to eat better, exercise, and just make smarter decisions. I know that I can’t give up everything I love, that would be a false statement to make. But in moderation, I can still live a healthier life style and enjoy  myself.

All together, since college, I’ve lost 30 lbs. I’ve got about twenty more to go and I will be set. My problem in college is that I gained so much weight my senior year because of drinking all the time, eating fast food, and not exercising. That is a look I never want to see again. I look at old pictures and it disgusts me to know I even let myself get like that.

I am more realistic now then I was back then. I know that I am not going to lose four pounds a week every week. Number one, that would kill me physically and number two, that isn’t even healthy. Everywhere I read said 1-2 pounds a week is the max you should lose so your body doesn’t go into shock/starvation mode. I am also lifting weights, and muscle weighs more than fat, so I also know that there may be some weeks where i don’t lose anything or even gain. But as long as my clothes fit better and I am looking physically better, I could really care less what the scale says. The scale doesn’t define me.

I also know that it is easy to fall off the horse on dieting. Lucky for me though, I have a couple friends who are also working on making themselves healthier. I know that I can turn to them when I am having a rough week or when I am feeling down about this transformation and they will be there for me. When I say, I am working on making myself healthier over dieting, it just sounds better. In reality, I rather be healthy than skinny.

Time to get myself in gear. Have a good weekend.


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