A Change Would Do Me Good.

It has been a while since I last posted here. My life has been a little hectic lately. To start off, my good friends Tom and Kait got married! Hooray! Congrats guys.

We had a surprise party for my mom’s birthday last weekend. I got her the best gift ever. I bought her a four-legged furry friend named Bett and she is the cutest dog ever. She is a brindle mix and she is the most lovable character ever. She loves to sleep with mom until she leaves for work, then she curls up in bed with me; it’s too cute. It reminds me that I need a life.

Softball is over too. We finished in the top half in our division. We won the first round of playoffs, which was the only upset of the day! Go us! But we lost the second round. It’s okay, we made it one step further than last year so that’s a success in my book! Besides, there’s always next year.

The job hunt is going no where. Everyone around me is getting these great jobs and moving on with their lives. I am still stuck here, applying like crazy and not getting anywhere. It is starting to really get frustrating but I realize that eventually my turn will come and I will get a job. But until then, it is still very annoying to not be able to work. I see all these postings from companies and I apply and apply and most of the time, I don’t even recieve a call from them. If you aren’t looking to hire someone, then don’t post the job. I am qualified for the jobs I apply for and I have the ambition to work. I hate sitting at home collecting unemployment. For one, unemployment is not enough to even live off of, I can barely pay the few bills I have. Second, I didn’t go to college to sit at home. I really need a change.

At this point, I am even thinking about moving out of Jersey to find a job. The economy and job market has to be better than it is in the Northern Jersey/NYC area. It might be better for me to start off somewhere new and start getting my life together. I’m not afraid to move to a new place; I’ve got a great personality and I make friends easily. I just need a change.

A change would do me good.


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