Embracing The Week

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope everyone had their fair share of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, ham, biscuits, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, etc etc. I know I had my fair share of ham and stuffing! My two favorite items on the menu. Hopefully none of you became too intoxicated today.

It has been a good day. I was able to see a lot of my family and just relax today. I watched my Dallas Cowboys beat the Miami Dolphins with a field goal by Bailey with three seconds left on the clock to give Dallas a 20-19 win. That score was too close for comfort. I was expecting Dallas to lose. They didn’t play to their potential and in cases they like, they almost deserve to lose.

My Nittany Lions of Penn State beat the Buckeyes of Ohio State @ Ohio State. That is a great feeling! I made sure to pick at my cousin because he loves his OSU and I love my PSU.

My younger cousin Kellyann got married on Saturday. Congrats to Kellyann and her husband Jorge! Love you guys. It was such a great wedding. My date was amazing, Ms. Gen. We had a great time and had lots of food and drinks. We danced our faces off and Gen even showed some of the women a new dance move that they took too very well. Love the chipmunk!

The job hunt is going….sort of. I have applied for over a hundred job in the last few days. Hopefully something will break soon and someone will call me. I understand its fourth quarter so I may not hear anything til after the new year. I’m hoping before that though because I am starting to go stir crazy without a job. I have faith though that I am going to find the perfect job for me and I will be ready to work my butt off once I get it.

Speaking of working my butt off, I have been exercising like a crazy man. I haven’t lost any weight but I am shifting it. I am doing a lot more weight lifting then I have done in the past and hopefully this time, I will keep it all off once it’s gone. My clothes are starting to fit better so I know I’m doing something correct. One day at a time is what I keep telling myself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This kind of stuff takes time and I have been celebrating small victories to help me get to the day where I will be happy with how I look physically.

I’m in high spirits lately. Let’s hope this lasts and it’s not just because Christmas is coming. Haha.

Enough for now…have a good night everyone and hope you all enjoyed your Turkey Day.


Who Are You Really Angry With?

For anyone that doesn’t know me, I am a controversial person. That is to say the very least. I don’t care if I hurt someones feelings or offend them. When I have something to say, I learned to speak up and say what I feel. This didn’t happen til I was at the end of my high school career. I used to let people walk all over me and say whatever they wanted and I never fought back. I never defended myself and all I wanted in high school was to be accepted. I had many people that I talked to, but few I could call friends. It took a lot for me to grow out of this but I did. I guess you could thank the people that picked on me for me becoming such a sarcastic guy.

Also, for anyone that doesn’t know, I am a PENN STATE graduate. The proudest moment of my life was first, being accepted to Penn State and second, for graduating from there. I bleed blue and white, I sing my alma mater with 110,000 brothers and sisters at Beaver Stadium. I danced for those kids at Hershey who need it.

Unless you live under a rock, you know about everything involving Jerry Sandusky, the defensive coordinator from Penn State. I get very annoyed when the media and people keep referring to the Penn State Scandal and Penn State raped little boys and Penn State did this. PENN STATE DID NOT DO ANY OF THIS! The man who did all of this allegedly, is named Jerry Sandusky. It was not Joe Paterno, nor was it me, or any of my friends. When people mention Penn State did this, you are talking about my friends and family and myself. That is not true. What we did do as a University, is raise over $400,000 dollars for RAINN (rape abuse incest national network). We held a candlelight vigil for the abused victims and pray for the best for them. We also stand behind Joe Paterno. He was scapegoated by the media because he is the legend and his name would sell more papers and make more people tune into the news. That is unfair to him. He did what he was supposed to do in this situation. I am going to write what Joe Pa did do as opposed to what others did not do and you can see, if you don’t already, how I can defend Joe Paterno and also can feel for the victims in this scandal as well.

Mike McQueery, the graduate assistant, walked in to the shower and allegedly saw Jerry Sandusky horsing around and performing oral sex on a minor. McQueery walked out of the shower and called his father to tell him what he saw. The next day, McQueery called Joe Paterno to tell him of what he saw. Paterno then set up a meeting between McQueery, Curly and Schultz. Curly is the athletic director of Penn State and Schultz is the VP of Business and Finance at Penn State. McQueery told them everything he saw. At this point, Joe Pa had also told the head of Unviersity Police about the alligations by McQueery. Curly and Schultz had spoke to Graham Spanier, our President, about what had happened. After that, there was no further action taken. No one from Univeristy Police talked to McQueery about the incident. In the Grand Jury report, McQueery’s testimony, which defends Joe Paterno, was considered credible. Curly and Schultz’s testimonies were not credible.

Now here are my thoughts on the situation. If McQueery, who was 28 at the time, saw this going on, why didn’t he 1. Knock Sandusky out and take the child? 2. Call 911 and inform them on what’s going on? Other than that, he told Paterno about what he saw. So now Paterno has “hearsay” evidence about a sex abuse scandal. Paterno, could not have gone to the police when Curly and Schultz decided to do nothing. The police would have asked Paterno if he saw it or heard it. He would have answered ‘no.’ The police can not go off of hearsay evidence to investigate a crime. Other people then said, well why didn’t Joe Pa go to the media? I answer that with, because the media does not but cause problems. If Joe Pa would have gone to the media and these alligations turned out to be false, Joe Pa could have been sued by Sandusky for libel. Paterno did what he was morally and legally obligated to do. He told his superior and his superior’s superior. He set up a meeting with the three of them to figure out what was going on. Joe Pa actually told someone, much more than I can say for Curly or Schultz.

By law in PA, when sexual alligations are made on a University or Institution, the head of the institution, in this case Graham Spanier, has 48 hours to report it either verbally or by written statement. Spanier did not report this. So, if you are going to fire someone, why was it Joe Pa? Oh right, because like I said before, Joe Pa’s name and legacy would sell more papers and get more national media attention. No! No! No! You fire Graham Spanier, for legally not fulfilling his responsibility as the President of Penn State. You also fire Curly and Schultz for not doing anything either! Yet Curly is on administrative leave and Schultz resigned after this B.O.T. meeting.

I understand the Board of Trustees wanted to take action. Because of media hype, the wrong action was taken. Joe Pa was fired, by phone!!! By phone?! Are you kidding me? This man coached for 47 years at Penn State. He donated over 4 million dollars to this university. There is a library and an ice cream named after him. You don’t have the decency to fire him face-to-face? That is childish and unfair. Also, Board of Trustees, if you are going to “clean house” because that is the right thing to do, um, you actually need to clean house! ALL OF IT! You would then need to get rid of not only Joe Pa, and Spanier (who has sinced resigned), but you also need to get rid of Curly, Schultz and McQueery. McQueery is on administrative leave and is in “protective custody.” He, along with Curly are still on the PSU payroll b/c Curly is on admin leave as well. That doesn’t make sense either. McQueery I understand taking leave but Curly should have either resigned or been let go.

I feel for these victims in this sex abuse scandal. If these alligations turn out to be true, because in America, you are innocent until proven guilty, I hope Sandusky rots in hell. He deserves anything and everything he will get. Sandusky is the real criminal here, not Joe Pa and certainly not Penn State. So I would appreciate it, if the media and people would stop saying that, by proxy, I had anything to do with it.

As always, all feedback, is greatly appreciated. As long as it’s written in a mature way, even if you disagree, be educated about what you are saying before you say it.

A Change Would Do Me Good.

It has been a while since I last posted here. My life has been a little hectic lately. To start off, my good friends Tom and Kait got married! Hooray! Congrats guys.

We had a surprise party for my mom’s birthday last weekend. I got her the best gift ever. I bought her a four-legged furry friend named Bett and she is the cutest dog ever. She is a brindle mix and she is the most lovable character ever. She loves to sleep with mom until she leaves for work, then she curls up in bed with me; it’s too cute. It reminds me that I need a life.

Softball is over too. We finished in the top half in our division. We won the first round of playoffs, which was the only upset of the day! Go us! But we lost the second round. It’s okay, we made it one step further than last year so that’s a success in my book! Besides, there’s always next year.

The job hunt is going no where. Everyone around me is getting these great jobs and moving on with their lives. I am still stuck here, applying like crazy and not getting anywhere. It is starting to really get frustrating but I realize that eventually my turn will come and I will get a job. But until then, it is still very annoying to not be able to work. I see all these postings from companies and I apply and apply and most of the time, I don’t even recieve a call from them. If you aren’t looking to hire someone, then don’t post the job. I am qualified for the jobs I apply for and I have the ambition to work. I hate sitting at home collecting unemployment. For one, unemployment is not enough to even live off of, I can barely pay the few bills I have. Second, I didn’t go to college to sit at home. I really need a change.

At this point, I am even thinking about moving out of Jersey to find a job. The economy and job market has to be better than it is in the Northern Jersey/NYC area. It might be better for me to start off somewhere new and start getting my life together. I’m not afraid to move to a new place; I’ve got a great personality and I make friends easily. I just need a change.

A change would do me good.