Bang! Was That A Gunshot or the Economy Crashing?

So it’s official, Muammar Gaddafi is dead; shot in the head yesterday. This is a day for Libyans to celebrate. In my opinion, I would call him the Saddam or Osama of his country. He took over by force, pretty much ruined the country and it wasn’t until a civil war in Libya that he was overthrown. He turned Libya into a parish state by ruining their economy and taking on chemical weapons. Put a check next to the good guys’ name and let’s move on in this War on Terror.

I’m going to be a bit more topical for this blog so if this doesn’t interest you, stop reading now.

So the War on Terror. I heard people complaining that Obama was taking the troops out of the Middle East. A few common threads I heard were “We aren’t finishing what we started…” My response, as usual, SERIOUSLY? How many Americans died out there trying to protect our country? A lot is the answer; my neighbor and childhood friend being one of them. This is a never ending war. The war on terror. Whether its Osama, Hussein, Gaddafi, or anyone else, there is always someone else that will step up. Just look at our history; Hitler, Napoleon, Genghis Khan (look up that one if you don’t know who he is). The fighting isn’t going to stop, it’s human nature to fight. There has to come a point though where enough is enough and we cut our losses and go. December 31st is the deadline, let’s keep it that way. Happy New Year to all and let’s refocus our efforts somewhere else….say the economy?

Oh the economy, how you had to go down just as I left college. As Facebook should say, “Christopher does not like this” with a thumbs down preceding it. We can not blame Obama for the economy being bad; people who say that annoy me. It took George Bush eight years, count ’em, eight years to ruin our economy due to war and other political issues. The economy wasn’t destroyed in a day, it won’t be fixed in a day. It may not even be fixed by whoever takes office next term since America seems to be completely against Obama. Real results don’t happen overnight, they take time. You can’t lose 100lbs over night, so what makes you think that a downward spiral of our economy, mostly taken on by war, which we are still in, would change drastically so quickly? And when you have a Government that shoots down everything the President wants to do, how are we supposed to get anywhere? Let’s just play rock, paper, scissors and whoever wins receives the final decision. We would at least get somewhere that way.

One thing I am hearing though is that companies don’t want to hire people because they want tax breaks. Okay, I get that. But if you listen to the news and pay attention and do your homework, you would learn that the Government is giving tax breaks to those who do hire. Bill Clinton went on the news and said it himself. They are pushing the hiring of people so that people will spend money again because they will have it. That will bring up the economy. Hire People = People Spend = Economy goes up. It’s a circle people. So, let’s go out there, hire all these college kids who are broke and have Sallie Mae calling them everyday harassing them about where their 1,000 a month student loan payment is, and let’s get the ball rolling (Sallie Mae has me on speed dial). I’m sure every college kid would love a job right now making a respectable amount of money for their level of experience. Sorry Craigslist, I am not accepting a job for 8.00 an hour when I have a degree that, at that rate, will take me 250 years to pay off. Just not happening.


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