Frugal February

Today was my first day back in the gym since I had my surgery. I haven’t been able to workout since the end of November and it’s been killing me. I was afraid of gaining all this weight especially with the winter approaching and I didn’t want to get fat. Luckily for me, I only gained 2 pounds. That was a relief.

Now that I’m back to normal and can resume every day activities, I’ve decided to do what I’m calling as “Frugal February.” During the month of February, I am going on a drinking hiatus. I feel that I’ve been drinking way too much and I care more about getting in shape than I do about partying every weekend. I am also going to allow myself only one lunch and one dinner at restaurants per week. This means making my own homemade food, saving myself money and calories. I also will be working out 4-5x per week in an effort to get healthy and in shape for summer.

I’m going to EDC Vegas in June and I’ve decided that if I can lose a pound of fat per week until Vegas, I will be in perfect shape for Vegas. I want to be healthy and look good especially for those pool parties going on.It’s going to be a fun week and I don’t want to look back and regret not being in better shape for it. It’s my goal for 2015.

I can do this. I’ve been eating better including more vegetables and fruits into my diet and I feel like it’s already paying off. I also have been making protein shakes in the morning including low fat milk and yogurt with fruits and some protein mix.

As for working out, I think I need to do more cardio to help lean myself out.For the weight lifting side, I’m gonna do lower weights with more reps to build some muscle but not get bulky. I think that will help me look good especially because I’m not a huge dude, so getting too big wouldn’t look good on me.

Today’s Super Bowl Sunday, if I can resist temptation today and get through the day without drinking, I think I’ll be okay throughout the month. I don’t really drink during the week because I work so much so that helps a lot. A DJ I like is spinning at the end of the month so if I can get through this month, maybe I’ll reward myself by going to the concert.

Let’s kick today’s ass.

Dirty Thirty Revelations

I turned 30 on Friday. It was a big revelation to me. To begin, I decided to welcome thirty with a bottle of moscato and it was amazing. I went out all weekend and all week with different groups of friends. I appreciate all the birthday love and it made start to realize something. I give people too many chances and I need to close my circle of close friends. I also need to start worrying about me and stop putting myself second.

I have a tendency to care about everyone and give everyone all these chances when they really don’t deserve them. I was able to tell from the surgery and my birthday who I could really count on. Those are the only people I’m going to invest time in. Sure, I have tons of people I associate with and that’s all I need to do; associate with them. Say hi when I see them, maybe talk to them on Facebook when a conversation comes up but it’s not someone I need to be concerned with everyday.

With thirty, I’ve also come to realize that I don’t need the drama anymore. People in West Milford make up and start useless drama because there is nothing else to do. Let’s go to the bar and drink every night isn’t something I want to have any part in anymore. I don’t want to live my life fighting with people and fighting to make a friendship work. If the friendship is worth it, it shouldn’t take as much work to make it flourish as it does with some people. Now, they go back to people I associate with.

I want people who will help lift me up and I can lift them up. I will continue to keep building relationships with people who are never satisfied. I want the career-minded, driven people to keep pushing me and me to push them to be the best we can be. I don’t want to be a manager forever. I want to be CMO or CCO one day. Maybe even have my own agency down the line at some point. I want to be in better shape than I am now. I want to live a healthier life, mentally and physically. I want a nicer place to live with nicer furniture. I want to drink better quality alcohol. I have the desire for better things and I vow not to stop until I get them. And for my friends that have the same mentality, I will push for you to do the same. I will help lift you when you need it.

This is a new year, a new decade for me and a new life. I’m not starting over, I’m just letting go. I’m letting go of the drama, the people who aren’t shaping me into a better man, who aren’t providing value to my life and overall letting go of what I don’t need. I need productivity in my life and the desire from people to be the best at what we do. Everything else is stagnate and I don’t want it. Bye Felicia.


Don’t Get Engaged On A Holiday

I am not the poster child for holidays. Let’s start with that. Yesterday was Christmas though and I saw at least 100 people got engaged. Now, I’m not the total anti-Christ, I am happy for you but why would you get engaged on a holiday? The holidays are supposed to be celebration enough, where you forget that you really dislike most people and you pretend to be a kind and gentle person for a few weeks. Everyone does it, except me, because I think holidays are a load of crap and I treat people the way they deserve to be treated, everyday of the year. I’m not religious by any means either so I guess that takes away a deep rooted part of “what the holidays are all about.” I digress. Seriously though, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t get engaged on a holiday.

To begin, it’s the holiday. You would never get engaged or married on your birthday right? Right. Because if something devastating were to happen, the person should die, you break up, you get divorced, etc. it would ruin your future birthdays. So the same rule applies. If you are to get engaged on a holiday like Valentine’s Day or Christmas and it doesn’t work out, you will always have that damper memory on the holiday. You don’t want that. No one likes a scrooge. Unless your me, because I’m hysterically funny and the most sarcastic person you’ll ever meet.

For most holidays, people travel to Aunt so and so’s or Grandma’s house or what not. The holidays are big travel times. After you get engaged, do you really want your first night of an engaged couple to be on the couch of Aunt Gertrude’s? Talk about romantic. After my engagement, should that day ever come, I wanna go home after a great dinner, some drinks and have lots of sex and cuddle and most of all, be left alone for us to do what we want. I don’t want to get engaged and know that we can’t fool around or enjoy our moment together because your mom and dad are sleeping upstairs or what not.

Holidays are a time of gathering. I’m gonna go out there and say it, crucify me if you must, but most people have best friends that they consider family. That means, they like them just as much, if not, more than some of their “blood” family. If not, your best friends would be your family. But, when you are hanging out at Aunt Gerdy’s house, surrounded by all of your future fiancé’s family, do you really want to ask in that large group setting? What if they aren’t ready for marriage? Just because you propose, doesn’t mean that they are going to say yes. How embarassing would it be if your partner said no? Maybe they want to move in together first or want to be more financially stable or just aren’t ready yet. You should take their feelings into consideration because you won’t want them to “have to” say yes because you just proposed in front of a hundred family members and Grandma Beatrice would be mighty upset if it didn’t happen.

Getting engaged is supposed to be your “special day.” It’s the day that your loved one proposed to you or that you proposed and now you two are sharing infinite bliss on this momentous day and yadda yadda yadda. How does it feel to know that a million other people are sharing the same moment? Kind of takes the spark out. If you were to go to a holiday party and you announce that you got engaged and there’s another couple or possibly two that have made the same announcement, yours really isn’t that special to everyone else. You should pick a day that means something to your relationship and not a day that means something to everyone. No offense, when it comes to your marriage versus the birth of the big J-man (Jesus), your announcement doesn’t really mean much. Like I said, not religious here, just stating facts.

Finally, getting engaged on the eve or the day of a holiday means that the ring is a gift. If you were to break up with your significant other for any reason, they do not have to give the ring back. Lets say the relationship ends badly, under no circumstances are they required to give back the ring. The ring can set you back a few grand. Not saying a ring isn’t a good investment but if it doesn’t work, now you’re out a ring and a fiancé. Two strikes for you, Glen Coco. Sucks to be you Glen Coco.

So when considering getting engaged, just remember these facts. You don’t want to potentially put a damper on future holidays that we know come along every year. Besides, there are so many other ways to do it that would mean much more. Plus, if you get engaged on another day, then you now have another date to celebrate with your fiancé. Who doesn’t love another reason to buy the person you love something?

If you did get engaged this holiday season, good luck.

Voting: Are Millenials Too Busy?

I go to work, leave the gym and get to the polls by 8:50pm. Phew, I made it by ten minutes. I can still vote and get my voice heard, I thought. “Sorry Mr. Kerney, you’re not registered to vote here.” Says the woman behind the table. “So, I have to go back to my old address and vote is what you’re saying?” I reply. “Yes sir. Sorry about that.” So now I can’t vote because I’ll never get back to my old place in under ten minutes. Well there goes my right to vote this year. Annoyed, I go home and it makes me wonder this: “Why can’t we vote through our cell phones or social media accounts? Sounds crazy right? But is it really? Is it really that crazy to think that I could cast my vote over the internet or cell?

In a recent study from our last vote, only 12% of voters under 30 voted. Under 12%? Seriously? Okay, I’m dumb and forgot to change my registration but let that sink in for a second. I’m pretty sure there were more votes for the person who American Idol 14 or whatever number they are on at this point. I seriously can’t wrap my head around the idea that only 12% of the people in this country under 30 are interested in what’s going on with Congress.

Maybe it’s the way we vote. You have to take time out of your day to go to your district and sign next to your name. Then you go in that claustrophobic booth and pick your candidates. Oh, and you only have a certain amount of time during the day to do it. After waiting in line and all that other mess, who has time for that? I barely did and then I couldn’t do it anyway. I work a full-time job, go to the gym and make dinner. Now, you want me to go stand in line and vote on issues? That’s clearly what I need, another time consuming task of the day.

My grandparents, who are retired, may have time to go and do that. Or maybe the stay at home parents have that kind of time. I live alone and work for a marketing agency as their social strategist and copywriter. Yes, I am on my phone all the time. That’s the nature of the beast though. My job relies on me always being available. My job hours are 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday but in reality, I never “turn off.”

I don’t see what’s so crazy about the thought of voting from your cell phone or an app. It’s not our nation hasn’t had problems with polls in general (Remember Florida and George Bush?). I know that not everyone would vote that way but why not make it an option? I was reading an article today, on the internet, notice I said where I read it, that Twitter is battling journalists as to where people get their news from. Twitter and the internet were two things that either didn’t exist or barely existed fifteen years ago. My job didn’t exist fifteen years ago. The world is changing and if you want to keep millenials interest, you need to work with them.

The world is evolving. Anti-gay marriage laws are being struck down. Marijuana is being legalized. We have our first black President. The world is changing. It’s crazy to think that these polls should stay the same way. First of all, no one would have to wait in line unless they chose too. Second, everyone who votes online/app, would all be digital and not have to sit there and have someone count the votes. It’s not the craziest thing in the world to think about. Plus, think about how much time it would save. People are always saying they don’t have enough time in the day to do this or do that. Well here is a time saver option for you.

I know people are going to tell me that I’m crazy or it’s a stupid idea but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. The older generation is dying out and a new generation is taking over. We have made drastic changes in the past because of technology, why should this be any different? If you want millenials and us younger generation to vote, there should be an easier way for us to do it. We are the ones that are still assistants and juniors in companies, that work long hours to get ahead. Why should it matter where we vote? As long as we vote, who cares where it’s from? At least we’re doing it.

Learning To Love Myself…

I hear people all the time in relationships say “My babe completes me” … “I don’t know where I would be without them.” etc. etc. Let me enlighten you, your babe shouldn’t complete you, you should be whole. And you would be exactly where you are now, with or without them.

I feel that in relationships, the other person shouldn’t complete you, they should be an extension of you. Your other half is someone you should want to share your life with, not make your life. To do that, you have to learn to love yourself.

Too often we forget about what really makes us happy. I know that I lost my way for a while and I’m finally back in a place where I can say “I’m content.” I don’t need to be happy, I don’t need to have a great day everyday, I just need to be content with my decisions knowing that I’m doing the best I can. I am the top person who criticizes myself and puts myself down. I always make comments like “I’m stupid” or “I’m so fat.” Knowing damn well neither of those is true, I need to stop doing that to myself. So I’m not exactly where I want to be weight wise, who cares? I’m far better off than I was a year ago. I don’t make the money I want to be making, who cares? I’m making more than I did at my last job and I am working on getting there. I’m just learning to love myself and love who I am becoming.

Living alone has really caused me to grow up in the past few months I’ve been here. There is no one here to cook me meals, do my laundry, pay the bills, clean the house or make sure I get up for work on time. It’s all my responsibility. The crazy thing…I’m still alive. I haven’t managed to kill myself yet by setting the house on fire. My clothes still fit and they are clean because I do my own laundry. Cooking, not my forte, but I’m learning to get by. I’m even trying new ideas because eventually I want to be able to provide for someone who may not have the opportunities that I have now. When something is dirty, I clean it. When it’s broken, I fix it (well, I try too). It’s just about growing up and knowing that you can’t rely on anyone but yourself to get the job done. Sad reality, but true.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, none of us do. But I do know that I’m living in the moment. I’m focusing on number one right now and learning to spend time with myself. I don’t need to go out partying every night with friends just to prove I’m loved. I am learning to find love on the inside and being okay with who I am. I think I’m doing a pretty good job. I’m learning to not be so hard on myself. Like I said, I’m the worst at that. I constantly compare myself to people my age who are doing better than me and I’m constantly trying to pick myself up by being better than everyone else I know. The thing I’m learning is that the only person I need to be better than, is myself from yesterday. If I am constantly improving, no matter how small, I’m doing a good job.

Start doing things for yourself is what I’m trying to get at here. Treat yourself to a movie, a dinner, a bottle of wine, a weekend alone or anything else. Take time to disconnect with everyone and have some “me time.” You will find how amazingly energized and empowered that makes you. I’m starting to love it. The rest…well that will fall into place when the time is ready.


The Rebuilding of C.T.

Christopher Thomas Kerney was brought into the world (without a Twitter update) on January 23rd, 1985 at 3:45 in the afternoon. Yes, for all you math nerds out there, my birthday is 0-1-2-3-3-4-5. How cute, right? I’ve gone through a lot in my time on this earth. The one thing I always realize I do is that I care too much and work too hard. I am a resilient person. No matter what knocks me down, I get back up and usually I’m even stronger than before.

I like who I am. Most people don’t say that. I love my greatest qualities and I love my worst qualities. My greatest quality is that I’m a pit bull. I protect anyone I care for. My worst quality is that I’m a pit bull because I will fly off the handle and rip someone’s face off for hurting a friend. I take the good with the bad. I laugh too hard and too loud but at least I’m laughing. I honestly do like the person that I am.

Every year, I tend to go through this rebuilding or rebranding phase of my life. Whether it was the transition from Chris to C.T. (due to my massive weight loss) or when I changed my hair color to add some spice to my life, I try new things. I like the idea of reinventing myself and doing what makes me happy.

I’ve been focusing on my life lately on the professional side and the personal side. I’m at a job that I absolutely love. I am working in my field and I am absolutely happy. I wish I made more money but come on, who doesn’t? If that’s my biggest complaint in life, I think I’m doing pretty well. I work with a great staff and my ideas are not only taken into consideration but most of the time are used. We have some great client success due to it. I really feel like I am being consulted as a professional and an expert. It’s a great feeling to know that people want your opinion on a smart business decision.

On the other side, I’ve been in the gym working out a lot smarter and a lot harder. I have friends who have been training with me to help me achieve my goals and right now I fee like there is nothing that can stop me. I’m not doing it for anyone but myself. I’m not gonna lie though it does feel good when someone you haven’t seen in a while comes up to you and says how great you look (Cough Morristown on Saturday Cough). I saw an old friend from college and she really made my night by telling me that.

On another front, I bought myself a car. Bethesda was falling apart. I loved her, I really did but the Jeep had to go. I went from an ’01 Jeep to a ’12 Mazda 3 and I love her now too. I haven’t named her yet but when inspiration strikes, I will have a great name for her.

Other than that, life is coming together. We have our first round of playoffs on Sunday. We finished 7-7, which is the best we’ve ever done so yay team. I love them, all of them. We do a lot more laughing than anything, which probably isn’t good featuring it’s a softball team but if you can’t laugh, you might as well be dead.

large <–Words to live by.

And Then You Walked By…

I was fine with the way my life was going. I had a great job in the city working for a startup right on Park Ave. I had just become single again after my last relationship blew up in my face. I wasn’t really worried about it though because I was focusing on my career. Everything was good.

Then I got laid off. Not the easiest day of my life but it wasn’t anything I had done personally plus my CEO said she would give me a good recommendation for any job I applied for.

I went back to my apartment and I just relaxed and tried to soak it all in. My mom called and I told her what happened. She told me to come visit her and I did. I spent some time there and she told me to move back home. She said I could live in her house as she was living with her boyfriend and the house was sitting there. I took the opportunity. I gave in to my pride and I moved home.

This time would be different though. The house, was under my command. I lived here, alone. That’s what I’ve been doing. Living. Since I got laid off from my job, it took me only three weeks to find a new career. An even better fit for me with more money and better perks. Can’t complain about that.

So I moved home, got a new job and then we started talking. We were friends before this, having a few interactions here and there. Then something changed and we went on a date. Then a second date. 5 or 6 dates later and we were officially an “item.”

Then I bought myself a car because I needed a new one. It was a great deal and I couldn’t pass it up. 11 years newer than the car I had previously. Who could say no?

So in June, I was starting my life on Park Ave in NYC dealing with the endings of a relationship. By September, I had gained a house, a new job, a significant other and a new car. Whoever says things happen for a reason couldn’t have been more right and I couldn’t be happier about it. You can hold up on this chapter for a while life, this is my favorite so far.


The complete guide to working out before work


I started working out in the morning last week. This was the perfect motivation I needed to keep going!

Originally posted on Quartz:

Life inevitably gets in the way of your gym date. That’s why people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick with it, Barbara Brehm, a professor of exercise and sport studies at Smith College in Massachusetts and author of the recently released textbook, Psychology of Health and Fitness, told Quartz. “It’s because they get it out of the way first thing. They haven’t been exposed to a whole day of draining activity and stress, which can leave you feeling pretty depleted by the end of the day.”

Some studies even suggest that working out before breakfast can have some fat-blasting, muscle-building, and disease-preventing benefits. Yet for most, the idea of working out before work sounds like advice from Satan. But it is possible to make a new habit that doesn’t feel like a date with the devil. Here are some tips for rising early and lacing…

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A New Piece I’m Producing

For those of you who don’t know me, I started working in NYC last month. I travel from Jersey everyday Monday-Friday on the train. I usually listen to my headphones and don’t bother with the crowded people around me as it’s early and it’s hot and everyone is sweating and smelly, etc.

A year or two ago, I read an article where a man in my field said “Don’t listen to your headphones in public places. You never know what networking opportunities you may be missing by being anti-social.” I had thought about it yesterday morning and I realized he was right. I am a very social person and have no problem talking to anyone so I decided to ditch the headphones.

The next thing that happened was magical…

There were these two obnoxious women sitting on the train doing nothing but complaining. At first, I was thinking “Just put your headphones in and drown out these hags” but then the one said something that I couldn’t resist; they had me intrigued. The one says to the other “Your daughter stayed home again today from work?” The other responded, “Yes. She has been working in the city for months now and she works for her employer everyday. Not once has her employer ever bought her lunch. She can’t be expected to spend 10+ dollars in the city everyday for lunch. What other choice does she have? I just can’t believe her employer doesn’t buy them lunch everyday. Like I said, she works there 8+ hours a day. What is she going to do” The two ladies just sat there, looking at each other in confusion. It was clear neither of them had any idea of what the daughter could do.

I thought I was being punked at first. I was waiting for the cameras to come out with Ashton Kutcher. But they were both serious and neither of them had a solid answer on what the daughter could do. So as we are getting off the train, I look down at the women and I said, because god forbid I ever keep my mouth shut, “It’s called peanut butter and jelly. Tell her to try brining lunch from home. What a crazy concept right?”

And I smiled and walked off the train. From that point on, my new piece, #TrainStories was born. I am going to not use my headphones everyday and listen to conversations overheard on the train and I may or may not say something but I will update you to the outrageous conversations and comments I hear. I am taking one for the team and sacrificing my music time to dig deep in the trenches of the NJ transit train system.

Please, feel free to help me by adding your own comments and stories of the crazy things you hear. I would love the feedback and story-telling.

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