I Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

It’s been so long since I have been able to write in this, I feel like a piece of me has been missing. So much has changed in the past few months that I can barely wrap my head around it.

I started a new job. I am bar tending at a bar in Fort Lee. It’s a great part-time job for the time being. This bar is a lot more upscale than the last place I worked and I have met some great people that I have been networking with to try and find a job in Manhattan. My great personality really allows people to connect with me at the bar and they seem to love me there. 

I am back in Lyndhurst, living with dad again. Ever since I got laid off from my other job, things have been rough but they are coming together and I am slowly getting back on my feet. Let’s hope this trend stays this way and I can have a nice relaxing summer.

Softball started again this weekend. I’m on a new Saturday team with half of my old team and some new additions. My cousin and his wife are playing so I’m excited to be playing with them again. I missed them. We played a tough team this weekend but we split the games with them, won the first and lost the second. I, however, did great at bat. I was 8 for 8 with a triple, double and 6 singles. Clearly going to the gym is paying off as I am getting in much better shape and I am so much faster now then I was last year. I didn’t think that was possible but it is. 

I bought myself a Mac Book Pro. I didn’t have a laptop or a computer at all to use and have just been working off of my iPhone and iPad. I took the leap and invested in one. It was the best idea ever. I can do so much more now with applying for jobs, blogging and just going back to real life.

My goal for the summer is to be in shape and ripped. Since I have the time, I have been spending a lot of it in the gym really focusing on weight lifting and getting my body prepped for the summer. I have a goal to be in better shape for my 30th birthday, which is January, then I was at 20. Thanks to some help from my friends and some dedication, I think that goal may be come a reality. 

I’m going to see Hardwell this weekend and I can’t wait. I am going to the Sands casino out in Bethlehem, a casino I’ve never been too and my friends from college and I are going to rock out. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I bought the tickets in January.

More later, it’s time for dinner.

30 Signs You Went To Penn State

1. You’ve said to someone “If God isn’t a Penn State fan, why is the sky blue and white?”


2. No matter what story people tell at parties, you always have one better.


3. The Creamery ice cream is the best ice cream you’ve ever had.


4. Drinks come in pitchers and cost 5$.


5. You’ve participated in a “We Are” chant at all hours of the day.


6. You’ve participated in State Patty’s Day because no one takes away our drinking holidays.


7. Two words: Joe Paterno.


8. You’ve been a Captain, committee member, dancer or stood on the street corner collecting coins for the biggest student run philanthropy in the world.


9. You know that whatever time it is, Michigan still sucks. Also, Ann Arbor is still a whore.


10. You’ve questioned what a Buckeye actually was?


11. Same thing with a “Maize out.”


12. You understand being the 12th man to help bring a “W” in Beaver Stadium.


13. You pray for Drum Major flips.


14. One-handed pushups mean everything to you.


15. You have toured inside of Old Main.


16. You danced to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” on a Tuesday at the Gaff.


17. Bells Pizza or Canyon — depends on the line.


18. You’ve skipped class on the first nice day of the year to sit outside Cafe 210 and rage.


19. You’ve seen or heard groups of girls screaming “No means no on Fraternity row” as they ran by.


20. You’ve dropped a class strictly because it was on the other side of the IST building. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


21. The first time someone called it the “Hetzel Union Building,” you gave them a look of confusion. Then informed them that it’s called “The HUB.”


22. You’ve used the Dorito Church as a landmark to find a party.


23. You’ve bounced to Zombie Nation while chanting “We Are Penn State.”


24. FTK & FTG are two of the most important acronyms you will ever learn.


25. You’ve stayed up til 2am “pomping” and/or guarding the float.


26. During finals week, you’ve camped out in the Pattee or Paterno library.


27. You have had your picture taken at the Nittany Lion Shrine and/or the Paterno Statue (RIP).


28. Paternoville/Nittanyville has been your home for a week.


29. You know our Alma Mater by heart and have sung it before a PSU game.


30. The blue band, majorettes and cheerleaders are the best halftime show.


Anddd a bonus one:



Disclaimer: Most of these pics aren’t mine. I was using them to make a point. There was no monetary value from this post. It was for fun. If you are the author of one of these pictures and do not want it up here, contact me. I will have it removed.

Last Year Of My 20′s

Yesterday, I turned 29, for the first time. Next year will clearly be the anniversary of my 29th birthday. I loved my 20′s. Yes, there were a ton of terrible things that happened but the good outweighed the bad and it was the best decade of my life and I still have another year left.

So as a little fun, here are 29 things you may or may not have known about me:

1. I’m lefty at everything except throwing a ball. I throw a ball right-handed. Weird, I know.

2. When my mother was giving birth, I caused her to go into cardiac arrest and both of us nearly died. Sorry Mom! That’s why we are so close today, I think.

3. I needed one class to graduate from Penn State. It was a lower-level major class but it gave me the most trouble. I passed the class by one point. Talk about cutting it close and having to go to summer school.

4. I can hit a softball harder over third base then I can first base and I’m a lefty. Cool trick my parents taught me.

5. On my mom’s side, I am the oldest of all the grandchildren. Talk about pressure.

6. That being said, my closest cousin in age, Ray and I are nine days apart. Sorry cuz, I won.

7. I was nominated for Homecoming King…twice. Both times were in college. I didn’t go for it either time.

8. I was also arrested twice, in two different states. I seem to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

9. During a fraternity formal, while I was still sober, I fell down our concrete steps and broke both my phone and my camera at the same time and wasn’t able to have one picture from that formal.

10. Depending on what point in my life you knew me, you may not know that my real name is Christopher. You may know me as any of the following: Furder, Xtoph, Blair, or C.T.

11. I once got kicked out of a Taco Bell at noon on a Wednesday because I had drank an entire bottle of 99 Bananas and proceeded to venture out.

12. Over the last quarter of a century, I’ve had 6 dogs, 2 rabbits and a ton of fish. I’m a mini Dr. Doolittle.

13. I met John Stamos on a place once. He told me I was pretty. My hair is insured for $20,000 and I do car commercials in Japan.

14. None of 13 is true. It’s from one of my top three movies that I love of all time. The other two in the top three would be Cruel Intentions and Zoolander.

15. The only bone(s) in my body that I have ever broken were my last three toes on my right foot while I was a the Land of Make Believe.

16. Since college, I’ve lost a small child weight wise. I lost over 50lbs cuz I was a fatty.

17. I was supposed to have braces for 9 nine years. From third grade to h.s. graduation. I took such good care of my teeth that I had them removed in 9 months.

18. Before the bicycle helmet rule was in effect in NJ, my bike slid out from under me and I went head first over my handle-bars and cracked my head open. When I’m really dehydrated you can see the bump it left.

19. I’ve had plastic surgery a few times. You would never be able to guess where nor would I ever tell you. Just know, they were all needed surgeries. I’m not a housewife.

20. From birth to 25, I only needed one surgery. In the past four years, I’ve needed three. My body is giving up on me.

21. I’ve only seriously dated one person in my entire life and it didn’t end on the best terms.

22. When I was younger, I was so allergic to poison ivy that if I saw it on tv, I would catch it. Okay, not really but it was bad. My first day of high school, I had it up and down my left arm and wasn’t able to type or write for the first two weeks of school.

23. My birthday is a pattern: 0-1-2-3.

24. I’ve never been to a tropical island like the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands but I’ve been to almost every tourist state in the country.

25. I interned for Anheuser-Busch in college and got paid to go to the bar, make friends with strangers, find out why they drink the beer they do and buy them Anheuser-Busch products on my tab. Best internship ever.

26. I hit my best friend’s brother with my car when I was 17. It wasn’t bad and we all laughed.

27. My best friend’s parents have a stocking for me at their house because there hasn’t been a Christmas in like 10 years where we haven’t seen each other, even if it’s a brief time together.

28. In Vegas, I found a wallet, took nothing out of it, gave it back to the guy then an hour or so later won 100 bucks on video poker in one spin. It was karma.

29. My ex, best friend and I, are the only people who know where the “magical rollercoaster,” honeycomb and where Davy Jones’ face is in Atlantic City because we lived through it. *Hint– Don’t bother, you will never figure out what the hell I’m talking about.

I Hate This Time of Year

I’m not the biggest person on family. Mine is crazy, on both sides, and a lot to handle a lot of the time. I’m a very simple person when it comes to holidays. Let me go there, say hi, eat dinner and leave. I don’t need anything more than that. In fact, I can’t really stand anything more than that. I get annoyed way too easily when I get “20 questions” about my life and most of the time, I just say what they wanna hear and move on without really telling them anything I would tell my friends. Things like who I’m dating, what I’m really doing with my life, future plans, etc. 

That all being said, I still believe that families are meant to spend holidays together. That’s why they are so few and far between. You can get your fill and then not have to see them for another month or so. One thing I really disagree with is the idea that stores will be opening on Thanksgiving so that people can get their Black Friday shopping. Was one day not enough? You really need to start bothering people on their day off where they should be annoyed by their families to go work and deal with the ungrateful jerks that go Black Friday shopping? If you go shopping on Turkey Day for the specials, I said it, you’re a jerk. I hope that tv that you buy for $100 less then if you bought it on Saturday breaks the day after the warranty runs out. You are rude and it’s unfair to people who want to spend it with their family. I have one friend who gets to spend about two hours with her family because she has to leave to go to work at 10pm. Inconsiderate is what people who support this are. Also, a big shame on you to the stores that do it. Here’s a thought: instead of “Black Friday,” just make it “Black Week.” Start all your stupid sales on Monday and have it go through the entire week except Thanksgiving. Be thankful for what you have on that day and keep the stores closed. 

On another note, enough with “being respectful during the holidays” stuff too. Someone once got upset with me because I told them to have a “Merry Christmas” and they were Jewish. Really? You are SO offended by that? Be glad I said anything nice to you and didn’t tell you to “Go scratch” instead. Would you have preferred that? If you say Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa to me, I’ll accept it and I will “same to you.” Because, unlike most the country, I’m not easily offended and someone saying something nice is better then being rude. People get uppity for such dumb reasons and that is why I hate this time of year. I’m the same person in December as I am in March. I see no special reason to pretend to be nice to people. So if you want to say anything nice to me during the holiday, know that I will gladly accept it because I’m not uppity and don’t get bent out of shape for dumb reasons. 

hanukkah-kwanzaa-happy-holidays-christmas-season-ecards-someecards Seriously. I can’t.

If you hear what I’m saying know this: I wear a size medium, I love gift cards and EDM music. I’ll buy you something really nice for Christmas also :).

Halloween Week

So this is the week of Halloween. One of my favorite weeks of the year. I love when people get dressed up and throw parties and for a night, you can forget about all your problems and just play beer pong or flip cup with a ghost, a devil, a mouse or a prostitute. It’s also fun to see what creative and innovative ideas people come up with making their costumes. I’m a fan of creativity. My costume is a “handsome devil.” Not my most creative costume but I think I did a good job of it. Plus it only costs me $11.49 so I’m okay with that. I got to see my best friend this weekend too which made me excited. I went down the shore to party with her and have a good time with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. That’s where this little masterpiece of the “handsome devil” was created. She did a great job on the make up. I think this is one of the best costumes I’ve had. That and the Riddler from last year was pretty good. 


I have a bunch of other Halloween parties and things to attend this week which makes me excited. I really do love the idea of being able to be someone different for a night. One day, I’ll grow up and start being a mature adult. But until then, let’s have some fun. I’m such a kid at heart. 

My new job is going well. This is week 5 for me and I am still enjoying it. I get to make a difference in people’s lives and that makes me feel good. On Friday, we had a breast cancer awareness day and I was able to get a bunch of different places to donate items and we bought raffle tickets, etc. We ended up making over $300 dollars. As a small office, that is a big accomplishment. Everyone participated and people wore pink which make the pictures come out even better. I was really happy to see the  morale in the place and people took a lot of pride in displaying the pink they had. I have some other ideas for November and December. Lets hope these ideas do even better then the breast cancer “Pink Friday” did. I am actually trying to see if we can get dressed up on Thursday and wear our costumes to work. A boy can dream.


This is one of the pictures we took at our main office in our support of breast cancer awareness. The day was a lot of fun and I’m grateful for all the support we received from everybody!

Why Do We Always Have To Be Rated PG?

If you know me personally, none of this will come as a surprise to you. For those of you who don’t though, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My life isn’t a rated PG movie. It’s pretty much anywhere from an “R” to an “NC17″ depending on the day. I tend to fly off the handle a lot and I like to get loud. I stand for things I believe in and I’m not afraid to voice that opinion. I’m Italian and I’m from New Jersey. What’s your excuse?

Anyways, I work in the field of digital media/communications. I go to work everyday, do my work well, get done everything I need to and then I go home. What I do on my own time should be really none of anyone’s business. I was always told that if it doesn’t affect you directly and it has nothing to do with you, mind your own business and keep your mouth shut.

What I don’t understand though is why it’s considered bad to not be PG on things like social media. If you are on my social media list such as Facebook, you see the real me. You see the pictures that were took of me this weekend while I was playing softball, hanging with friends or at the bar. You see me dressed up at weddings, out at parties, in sweatpants at home, when I’m sober and when I’m blacked out. I’m a dude in my twenties having the time of my life. That is who I am. Why can’t I show that face to the world? Personally, I don’t care what my boss or coworkers are doing when I’m not with them. Why don’t I care? Because it’s none of my business. They have their own life, I have mine. Unless something I’m doing is affecting Imagemy work, I should be allowed to post what I want and do what I want. I am a human being. I have emotions. I get angry, sad, mad, happy, overjoyed and every other one I forgot to mention. If I am writing about something that pisses me off on social media, I’m doing it because I’m venting and it’s helping me get over the process. I would say it’s better than me taking a baseball bat to someones head. Correct me if I’m wrong about that.

The world isn’t a PG place. There are people killed everyday from violence as we are a naturally aggressive species. Survival of the fittest is why us as humans live in brick house, work in concrete buildings and drive vehicles. We aren’t building nests in the wood to survive. I feel as though I should be allowed to say what I want and say what I feel whenever I want too. I was told to always be myself and not compromise that for anything. So I don’t act differently in front of anyone and I do what I want. I’m not hurting anyone by it and truthfully, I feel like I may be a breathe of fresh air because I’m not opposed to debating someone on something I disagree with. Doesn’t mean that you are always wrong or I am always right, but I speak up. I know that sometimes I upset people with what I say and how I say it but guess what? That’s me. If you don’t like it, remove me from your friends list because chances are, you are too uptight for my taste anyways.